Rc Evolution Source Screenshots!

13 Feb '05
Our awesome track designer Luke Bronts has been hard at work on redevelopment of rc_evolution in the source engine from the original HL Rally.

Here are some shots of his fantastic work:

Stay tuned for a few in-game pictures over the next few weeks!

HLR: Source

3 Jan '05
Over the past month or so, we've been dropping obvious hints to the community that we will be doing HL Rally for Half-Life 2, such as - changing our banner to a logo saying "HL Rally: Source", and announcing it in the forums and IRC.

But no official statement was ever made! I figure, now with the new website, its about time! Yes! There will be HL Rally: Source!!

New Website

2 Jan '05
A skilled web designer, Yavin, has succumbed to the greatness of HL Rally, and thrown up a nice new template for our website. The site is also using a new content manager.