:: Serious Bugs  

Bug Description Work Arounds
Spawn Under Road This is a very rare bug which causes the car to spawn under the road at the start of the race.Hit the 'kill' button immediately to respawn at another start point.
Crash on 'Select Car' On some computers the game may crash when 'Select Car' is selected.Set 'rally_partslist' to '0' in your config.cfg

  :: Visual Bugs  

Bug Description Work Arounds
VGUI Images Disappear This is a bug with the VGUI code provided by Valve.Use the console commands to control the MP3 player if you can no see the buttons. The VGUI menu shouldn't be adversely affected.
Spawn on Nose Sometimes the car will spawn with its nose in the ground or up in the air.The car will reset to onto it's wheels as soon as the announcer says 'Go'
Spawn at Wrong Angle Sometimes the car will spawn at the wrong angle.The car will reset to the right angle as soon as the announcer says 'Go'
Best Lap on HUD The best lap isn't shown on the HUD sometimes.The correct best lap will be shown on the scoreboard.
Place on HUD Sometimes the place shows '0' on the HUD.The place will be updated when you pass through the next checkpoint.
Parts List on Main Menu Parts disappear off the parts list if rally_partslist is set to 1.This is a visual glitch. The parts still have an affect on your car.

  :: Mapping Bugs  

Bug Description Work Arounds
env_glow env_glow aren't drawn properlyUse env_sprite with mode set to additive (5) instead.
func_breakable func_breakable don't break don't work in some situations.Include a trigger which sets off the breaking.