:: Half-Life Rally Team  

  o Scott "FragMented!" McNaught - (fragmented@hlrally.net)
- Founder, Team Co-Leader, Programmer and Web Design/Web Master

o Michael "Creme" Danzo - (creme@hlrally.net)
- Team Co-Leader, Game Designer, Lead Programmer, Mapper and Artist

o Aaron "SaRcaZm" Alcock - (sarcazm@hlrally.net)
- Special Effects, Menus and Game Systems Programmer

o Michael "S0MEGuY" Boag - (someguy@hlrally.net)
-Car Modeller and Animator

o Nick "diablone" Everson - (diablone@hlrally.net)
-Graphic Artist, Vehicle Specification Expertise, Staff and Public Relations

o Aaron "Bio-Weapon" Herchmer - (bioweapon@hlrally.net)
-Public Relations

o Chris "FilthyPanda" Columbus - (Americanzero1@attbi.com)
-Texture Artist

o Luke "Bronts" Bronts - (bronts@hlrally.net.com)

o Demize99 - (demize99@hotmail.com)

o Brian "KornyBizkit" Durar - (kornybizkit@hlrally.net)

o Andrew "KungFuSqirrel" Weldon - (aweldon@planethalflife.com)

o Paul "X-Tender" Kamma - (x-tender@fuchtelworld.de)

  Special Thanks & Other Contributions  

BackSlider, BlackPanther, Blender, Buznee, Chainsaw, Christian 'Broct' Baki, Cortex, DaveJ, David 'Jektal' Daku, Deletable-Man, Denzil, DJArcas, Dorian 'DD' Gorski, DudeTor, Dunno, FrieChamp, Galadriel (http://www.planethalflife.com/features/articles/rallywars/), GMAR, GoatBoy, Greg (Oktagone Webservers), HypnoTech, Jonathan 'Asperin' Kahe, KracKiwi, MaJ-ReD, Mazemaster, Maz_Inject, NEOCortex, Noel 'HB' Wade, ReDucTor, Reaver_Reload, Re-Mix, Roadskin, Slackiller, Stealth, StrikeEagle, SuperJer, SuperPinki, waste, Wedge Antillies, all the websites that hosted the release of Half-Life Rally, and the fans who didn't get on our case about taking our time and did not threaten the lives of team members.

Most of all, thank you to Valve Software (http://www.valvesoftware.com/) for making this great game, and hosting events such as the Valve Mod Expo (http://www.modexpo.com/).