Half-Life Rally is a racing modification for the highly acclaimed and everlastingly popular game, Half-Life by Valve Software. Unlike most modifications currently being made for the Half-Life Engine, the goal of HL-Rally is not to blast your enemy to smithereens with relentless repetition prone to excessive cheating and hacks, but to race cars and be the first and fastest across the finish line, out-running your opponents in any way possible to gain a few milliseconds on them.

And if you can't win straight away, fear not, as within a couple of races you can save up your credits salary to upgrade your car with a plethora of parts and options. The game takes on a whole new edge when it comes to strategically spending your cash and keeping your winning record rolling.

Half-Life Rally is more than just your average racing game!

  :: Gameplay Modes  

  AB_   A to B Rally  

Traditional Rally Style - Race from one point to another.
Be the first to get from point A to point B. When racing vs. 'The Pack' (of cars), on arriving at the end, you can then spectate the other cars finishing. The race can optionally be started and completed from either end, so all AB_ tracks can be run from B to A as well.

  RC_   Rally Circuit  

Short Rally Circuit Racing over a number of laps.
Be the first to race around the track a set number of times. Circuit tracks may also be run in reverse mode. Endurance races will be run on RC_ maps. Finishing a race will enter in to spectator.

  GT_   GT Racing Mode  

Short Racing on a road over a number of laps.
Be the first to race around the track a set number of times. Very similar to RC_ mode except races take place on roads and race tracks instead of rally tracks.

  Time Extension Mode  

Optionally, each race type may be run with a time limit enforce. This time limit will be enforced at each checkpoint, and time-extensions are offered as you pass each check-point. Failing to reach a checkpoint in time will leave you out until the next race.

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